The History of Fullmelt Hashish

Fullmelt is a term that myself and Skunkman Sam came up with during the early 2000's of the Cannabis Cup at the Pax Party House in Amsterdam. We were smoking out of a small glass pipe he had and discussing the quality of Resin. I said to Sam when it melts away like this I call it FULLMELT ( the hash will drop down and melt like water, almost passing thru a tight mesh screen) Sam Replied to me, that yes and when the quality is the highest possible expression, you will see Giant clear domes pop up out of the bowl. Thus the term Fullmelt Clear dome Was born.

Years later my friend Jeff came out with a star rating system based on melt factor of your water hash. 1 Star being barely a sizzle, and a 6 Star a water like substance that melts downward ( not to be confused with a 3 star which tends to level up and grow out of the bowl. ) 

Fullmelt is elusive and can be deceiving when using fresh frozen material that still maintains moisture content in the wax membrane. Micro planning resin in cold blocks thru a greater helps produce a full melt product by having the trichome membranes helping it melt better. This is not considered a true fullmelt, but that is also not to say micro planed hash cannot be fullmelt. Resin that had originally a 4 star rating could obtain a 4.5 - 5 star rating post micro planning creating a "fullmelt" product. I always suggest to people to use the properly dried material, temperature controlled, and remember to sieve the final product. These will eliminate the two ways people cheat to acquire a fullmelt LIKE product. 

Most people will be confused when they first see fullmelt, as a type of surface movement will have the thinking they are smoking the elusive fullmelt, but trust me when you first actually see it you won't have any confusion. A fullmelt experience will start by watching solid micro encapsulated glandular trichome heads liquefy as you heat them up into a golden oil that boils and bubbles and dances around your dish or screen. Your lungs will explode and your head will have no doubt what a fullmelt experience entails. This is why I am constantly saying to people at the end of my videos,... May the Fullmelt bless your bowl, sooner than later!