How To Mix & Fill Extracts Trinity Tanks

The Bubbleman Trinity Personal Vaporizer is specifically designed to handle high terpene extracts. It is NOT designed for handling full melt, rosin, or extracts with terpene content below 10%. Our team undertook the challenge of a ground up design-built to create an on-the-go reusable personal vaporizer that is specific to high terpene profiles. The following instructions are for those hash makers, rosin press owners, and connoisseur seeking to make their own solventless, or solvent-free, high terpene extract specifically formulated for the Bubbleman Trinity Kits. 

Step by Step Instructions (See Video Below)

1. Start with 2 grams of hash or flower rosin weighed out in a glass jar ONLY. 

2. Add 10 drops of Terpenes per 2.25 grams of rosin. (4 - 5 Drops / 1 Gram) 

3. Mix and stir extracts with terpenes continuously until it becomes a liquid. 

4. Use a small spoon, or dabber tool, to load the applicator with .5g. The Trinity Tank is NOT designed to handle more than .7g so please do not overfill your Trinity tank. 

5. Attach the special tip to the end of the glass applicator. Carefully insert the plunger into the glass applicator while flipping the applicator so the plunger base is towards the ground. The extract should move towards the plunger in the applicator and you will be able to slowly push in the plunger to remove all air without pressing out any of the extract. 

6. Secure the base of the Bubbleman Trinity Tank between your forefinger and thumb. Put the tip of the applicator into the Trinity tank, and SLOWLY fill the tank by pressing ALL of the extract out of the applicator. 

7. Continue to hold the bottom of the tank between your forefinger and your thumb while screwing in the mouthpiece with your opposite hand. Make sure the oil fills the bottom of the tank, and you WAIT 10 min before use.

8. To prime you tank place it on the battery, turn it on, and pull air while pressing the button for 3-4 second intervals until you see vapor. Remember to always pull air before and after each hit to properly prime the tank for the next use.