Tips & Tricks: Trinity Personal Vaporizer

Best Practices & Helpful Tips 

1. Always make sure the Trinity Tank is properly assembled by securing the bottom of the tank between your forefinger and your thumb while tightening the mouthpiece with your opposite hand. 

2. Screw the tank into the battery thread until it is securely in place.  

3. Pre-filled tanks have been primed out of the box, but if you are refilling on your own be sure to let the oil absorb for 10 min at the bottom of the tank prior to use.  

4. It is very important to ALWAYS pull air continuously thru the tank prior and after pressing the button during the vaporization process. This is to prevent "flooding" in the hollow chamber in the center of the tank and onto the battery contact. You can always clean up the oil on the battery contact with a q-tip, but if you remember to cool the tank after each hit it will remain completely clean. "Pull - Press - Clear"

5. If this is the first time using your pre-filled tank, or you just filled a new tank, gently prime the tank by pulling air thru the chamber while pressing the button for 3-4 seconds at a time continuously pulling air throughout the process.

6. The Bubbleman Trinity is designed as a personal mobile vaporizer and provides temperature controls made simple. For low temp, dabs tap the button for 2-4 seconds (500f-575f), hold 8-10 seconds (650f), and repeat 10 seconds for 750F.

7. DO NOT continuously dab, or pass the Trinity around in groups, without allowing it to cool down for 90 seconds between big dabs. This is to prevent "flooding" in the chamber, and over heating the oil in the chamber.     

8. If you want to get EVERY last drop out of your tank you can always use a hair dryer to gently warm up the tank while it is still attached the battery.  The remaining rosin will turn into oil and can be a great way to get every last bit of your extracts into the bottom of your tank. 

9. If you Trinity tank doesn't seem to be heating up you may want to check the battery contact or base of the tank to make sure it is clean. Simply use a q-tip dipped in 91% - 99% alcohol to gently clean the contact than flip the q-tip to wipe any excess. The contact can be pushed in slightly so be sure you clean it gently pushed in while wiping the screw threads clean too. 

10. Lastly, use the USB cord in USB ports only with the Trinity battery and do NOT use speed chargers (e.g. like an S8). The USB cord to a computer USB port will charge the battery within 15min - 20mins with a standard 5v port.  

To learn more about how to clean, dab, mix and fill your Bubbleman Trinity Tanks check out our playlist of "How-To-Videos" on Bubbleman's World.